8 Places to Discover Art Online


This Is Colossal

This is Colossal is probably my favorite art website. It is an art and design blog that was started by Christopher Jobson in 2010. This blog features art of all kinds, from sculptures to photography to short films, and I would say pretty much all of the content is jaw-dropping. This website is visually immersive and it is easy to keep scrolling through this website for hours. The blog posts usually have several high-res images along with a short blurb about the artist and project. I feel that the website is designed to let the art speak for itself, and they rarely feature artists I have already heard of.


Creators is part of Vice magazine. They describe themselves as an arts and culture platform dedicated to making all kinds of art more accessible to a wider audience. Creators has articles and videos that cover a wide range of creative disciplines including art, design, music, and film. Because of the article/video format, this website feels more like a typical news website compared to This Is Colossal. 


Hyperallergic is an online arts magazine that was established in 2009. It has a little bit of everything when it comes to art news including reviews, a podcast, interviews, poetry, comics, essays, and the list goes on. Since there is so much happening on their website, I primarily consume their content via Facebook. I just ‘liked’ their page so any article they post on Facebook also appears in my feed. 

Instagram Accounts


TheGraphicsPr0ject is a digital art feature account on Instagram. They mostly feature photo-manipulations and 3D art with the occasional glitch art, video or design piece. TheGraphicsPr0ject posts every day, multiple times a day and their hashtag is also pretty active. They are part of a larger collective of feature accounts called pr0jectuno, so if you are not into digital art you may find another feature account within this collection that suits your art taste. 


Surreal 42 is a smaller art feature account on Instagram that focused on surreal art. I like this account because they are very good at sticking to their theme of surrealism. They post about once a day, and I feel that their hashtag is very active if you would prefer to search that way. Most, if not all of the content posted and submitted, is digitally produced.

Art Sanity

Art Sanity an Instagram account that primarily features traditional arts like painting and drawing. I’m not entirely sure if this account is still active since they have been posting less in the last few months. However, with over 4,000 posts, there is plenty to look at. You could also search their hashtag, #artsanity, which is very active.


Art History Babes

The Art History Babes are a group of four women who have recently graduated with their masters in Art History. In each podcast episode, they focus on one aspect of art whether that be an artist, an art movement, or art theory. They give a solid background on each subject and also have an open discussion about criticisms or controversy that may surround that subject. There are plenty of tangents and a ton of humor (both art related and not). Even though much of what they talk about is historical, I’ve found they have introduced me to artists I have not heard of and they have given me more insight on artists I only knew the name of. 

A Piece of Work

This podcast is hosted by Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson in collaboration with MOMA. Abbi Jacobson is a former art student turn comedian and in this podcast, she takes her friends to MOMA to have a discussion about art. This podcast does a great job of demystifying art. If you have ever felt you don’t get art or have felt puzzled by art in a museum, this is the podcast for you. The whole podcast is only 10 episodes long and each episode is about 20 minutes.