Hello, I’m Kacie


I’m obsessed with art! I could talk for hours about Russian Avant-garde, anything and everything about cameras, Andy Warhol, and color theory.

Last year I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelors degree in Studio Arts and a minor in T.A.M (Technology, Arts, and Media). With this degree, I focused on photography and digital art.

Thus far, I’ve spent most of my career focused on photography in one way or another. Whether that was taking photos, editing photos, or talking to people about photography. My first art love was always graphic design though. I am currently shifting my career ever so slightly away from photography, and back towards design and digital art. I am also interested in art direction and curation.

If you would like to work with me, hire me, or just talk about art, you can connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, or email me: kacie.loura@gmail.com.