Finding Focus with Side Projects and Life

It has been about a month since I last posted a blog. That is partly due to me not being able to hone in on a specific topic to write about and partly due to taking on too many different projects and having a lack of focus. I’m been spreading my time a little too thin and haven’t been planning ahead enough.

Ideally, I would like to plan out my week so I know what tasks I need to do each day. Instead, I just do whatever I can in whatever free time that comes up, and that just leads to spending half of my free time trying to figure out what to do and jumping between 3-4 different things.

I can usually get some of the easier tasks done in my free time, like posting to Instagram or doing my German lessons. However, my bigger tasks like working on new projects for my portfolio, writing a blog post, and redoing my websites go by the wayside.

In addition, I keep coming up with new projects for myself as I try to navigate what my niche is in the creative world and what my next steps are in this creative journey.

If this sounds like I’m all over the place, then I am giving off the right vibe because I am a bit scatterbrained right now. Honestly, I am always a bit scatterbrained though.

It feels like there are 1,000 things I need to be learning right now, 10+ projects to be working on, a future to be planning beyond my internship, all while keeping up with a new(ish) part-time job and a pretty low key social life.

So what is my plan moving forward?


Scale Back & Prioritize

I need to accept that I can’t learn everything at once. Learning takes time, and I’m better off mastering two to three things rather than trying to dabbling into ten different things and not making a lot of progress.

I also need to figure out what my bigger goals are with each project and from there figure out which projects need more or less of my time.


Break Down Projects Into Smaller Tasks & Plan Ahead

Once I narrow down a number of things I am doing, I think I can create a better game plan for working on my projects and achieving my goals. In creating that better game plan, I know I need to break down each of my projects into smaller more achievable steps.

I’m currently trying to learn German, and I know I want to do a German lesson every day. So I need to decide am I going to do it in the morning, afternoon or evening?

I also know I want to post to Instagram every other day, but when am I going to shoot and edit? And for my feature account, am I going to have time set aside where I find content for the next week or two weeks? Is it every Sunday before work or every Wednesday after my internship?

For my blog, I need to have a day where I write, a day where I edit, and a day where I publish. I also need to have a place where my ideas are more organized so I don’t struggle with what to write about as much. Maybe I should even consider having a day where I write multiple blog posts and then schedule them out.

And as for learning to code, I think I should have set days and times where I do lessons for about an hour or two. Maybe every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Try Having a Monthly Focus

This isn’t something I have ever done myself, but I’ve seen several other creators talk about this. For me, a monthly focus will be something that I work on when I have that spare time that hasn’t already been dedicated to something else. It seems like a good way to ensure you are making substantial progress on at least one project a month. This month, I really want to work on my resume and portfolio.

I’m looking forward to seeing if I can actually establish some sort of routine and consistent content creation with all of this. Honestly, I think I’m the worst at actually being focused on one thing at a time. I think putting it in writing may help though, and I plan to use the rest of my free time today to do some of that planning.

Is anyone else struggling with an overwhelm of projects or lack of direction? Or do you have any suggestions for me? Let’s talk about it!